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Commercial & Industrial Buildings

Function and Form

With instructions from property investors and design & build contractors,  function and cost are often key design priorities.  The ability to design-in flexibility for future growth and the need to consider occupation by a variety of building users can lead to a variety of design constraints that demand flexible solutions.

We also work with tenants occupying industrial and commercial premises, and will advise on adaptation to suit their specific needs and activities.  Often these works need to be undertaken in a manner which allows future removal, enabling premises to be returned to the previous configuration where demanded by the lease.

We are regularly commissioned by Commercial Property Developers, Investor Landlords and Tenant Occupiers to provide architectural services and assist in new build developments, extensions and with planned/emergency maintenance schemes.

Our commercial clients include;

Commercial Developers Property Investors Landlords
Roadside Retail Operators National Corporates (plc) Tenants
Solicitors Chartered Surveyors (agents)