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Defect Analysis

Defect Analysis

Defect Analysis is the process of identifying the causes behind a single or series of defects and which could include damp ingress through walls and floors, water penetration through roofs, windows or defective services installations, as well as identifying causes for brickwork movement, cracking and settlement.

Understanding the reasons for premature failure of a particular building element may not be immediately apparent and requires a methodical and analytical approach, based on many years of practical experience.

Masefields will commence their investigations by reviewing the history and background of the symptoms and visit the property to undertake a thorough investigation which may require a survey of the whole property – or it could just target specific areas, depending upon the nature of the problem.

Once we have established the cause of the building defects, we provide a written report which uses the minimum of technical jargon, complete with colour photographs to assist in identifying the defect and its location, analysing and recommending remedial action to correct the problems, and discussing the alternative options for temporary or permanent resolution as required to suit the Clients budget and the occupation/use of the building.