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Repair & Maintenance

Repair & Maintenance

It is important to keep buildings, their elements and associated services in good repair; not simply to ensure they remain functional and serviceable, but also if you occupy your premises on a lease, you will have obligations and repairing covenants which will include maintenance, repair, decoration and reinstatement.

Planned, proactive maintenance today can avoid huge emergency repair costs tomorrow.

Regardless of their age, all buildings need cyclical repair and maintenance in order to maintain their function in the way that they were originally intended, and to prevent more serious and costly defects occurring.

A planned preventative maintenance schedule can be used to detail and prioritise the defects associated with your building or property portfolio, and can be used to plan the essential and anticipated repairs over a predetermined period, in order to prevent large hidden repair costs.

Following completion of a basic maintenance plan for your property we will discuss your priorities with you and compile a maintenance schedule for recurring activities and develop a longer term plan to incorporate the more significant works or those of higher expenditure, to also include where known, plans for future adaption/modernisation of plant and premises, creating a long term maintenance strategy.